About Us

Arka Healthcare Pvt Ltd
is comprised of a hospital for Laparoscopic speciality surgeries along with an outpatient Integrative medicine clinic focused on cardiometabolic, gastrointestinal, maternal and autoimmune conditions. Unlike most conventionally-trained clinicians, we believe that surgeries should remain a last resort, and that lifestyle changes paired with a range of healing modalities are oftentimes much more effective to resolve chronic wellness issues.

Why Arka Health Is Different

Minimally Invasive Surgery In Less Than 24 Hours
Most conventional hospitals providing laprascopic surgeries require a 2-3 day stay. At Arka, we have optimized recovery protocols following best standard of care, so you can return back to home faster without missing a beat at work.
A Low-Stress Hospital Stay Unlike Any Other
Let's face it, surgeries are stressful. We do our best to make your overnight stay a low-stress experience that's easy to heal from – using guided meditation and imagery to put your body and mind at ease for faster recovery.
A Customized Approach To Pain Management
Post-surgical pain frequently slows the healing process – that's why we blend accupuncture, guided meditation, imagery, breathing exercises, energy healing & nutritional optimisation to reduce inflammation and enhance recovery.
Trustworthy Integrative Medicine Expertise
When we envisioned Arka Health around our suite of surgical specialities, we sought to infuse the conventional hospital/practice approach with integrative medicine – recognizing that when your body is in a parasympathetic healing state, we can reduce post-surgical downtime to less than 24 hours.
Hassle-free Insurance Paperwork
Insurance is typically a major hassle with hospital stays, so we have dedicated staff to handle your insurance paperwork, secure pre-authorizations so you have to pay out of pocket as little as possible. Plus, we help you get some benefit from your insurance cover – regardless what plan you've got.
Engaging Mind, Body & Spirit For Faster Healing
Ayurvedic medicine is based on the belief that health & wellness depend on the delicate balance between the mind, body & spirit. At Arka, all our treatments incorporate healing elements designed to promote faster healing – including psychotherapists and counselors to address psycho-biosocial imbalances.

Arka's Expertise

Arka Health's surgeons have been trailblazers for over 40 years, pioneering minimally invasive surgery in India – and now applying the same high bar to the practice of integrative medicine.

Under the leadership of Arka's founder & medical director Dr. M Ramesh, Arka Health has assembled a world-class team of surgeons and clinical experts that has collectively trained over 1500 surgeons across the country. Every member of our team is not only a specialist in their own area of expertise but also trained in integrative medicine, yoga, and naturopathy.

We are passionate about patients’ holistic experience, and will go above and beyond to help you heal faster, experience less side effects and optimize well-being.